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The Challenges of Plastic Part Design

In any project, design is a crucial first step. Plastic part design is no different. Taking an idea and developing it to the point that you have a detailed, workable model is an arduous task requiring review, insight, and skill.

Streamline Plastics: Full-Spectrum Plastic Parts Service

At Streamline Plastics, we consider ourselves a committed partner in your operation. No one else offers our in-depth experience and insight throughout every step of the manufacturing process, from design to production to packaging and shipping.

From Concept to Product

Every product begins with a kernel of an idea. Usually you scribble that idea down on the closest available scrap of paper, a napkin or an envelope perhaps. We take your idea through every step of the development process, from your most basic napkin sketches to detailed 3D models. From there we can begin production of molds and implement manufacturing. We can shoulder as much or as little of the process as you need.

3D Modeling

Your basic designs can be fully realized and easily assessed with our precision software. Our design teams are proficient at SolidWorks modeling, providing 3D CAD (computer-aided design) models.

Free Brainstorming Sessions

As an invested partner in your success, Streamline Plastics also offers free brainstorming sessions to evaluate the manufacturability of your proposed project. We understand that the design stage is a pivotal step in product design. Many of the product’s lifetime costs are decided at this stage. Several factors have to be decided at this point before production can proceed.

Turnkey Services

Streamline Plastics has perfected the art of turnkey projects. In addition to our design and manufacture options, we also deliver first class assembly, packaging, and shipping for all our clients. Through our various satellite business alliances, we integrate elements such as additional hardware, clam-shell packaging, and box printing to your project.

By incorporating our dedicated team members and state-of-the-art technology, we can complete any project and get it to market faster and with greater quality and satisfaction than any other plastic part manufacturer.

Get a Quote on Your Custom Plastic Parts Design

Whether it’s implementing an entire turnkey operation or just a segment of the process, Streamline Plastics stands ready to tackle all your plastic prototyping needs. We provide plastic services worldwide, including plastic part design. We also specialize in plastic molding, custom plastic parts and custom plastic molding.

Contact a Streamline Plastics representative to receive a quote for your latest design project.