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What is Plastic Molding?

Plastic molding is a manufacturing process where plastic is fed into a mold cavity and allowed to cool and harden in the shape of the cavity.

Streamline Plastics has provided outstanding turnkey solutions for the past twenty years. We offer plastic services and quality plastic parts to the world. Insert molding is one or our specialties, along with mold-building and part design.

Plastic Molding Solutions

Plastic molding companies often offer all-in-one facility solutions that manage production, assembly, packaging, and shipping services. Overseas companies have proven to provide formidable competition in this arena primarily due to their lower costs. To combat this, molding plastics companies have turned more and more to lean, qualified staffs and advanced automation procedures for turnkey projects.

The Streamline Plastics Difference

At Streamline Plastics, we have more than just a streamlined process and technology. We have the experience, the proficient staff, quality controls, and specialized equipment to ensure that we provide a superior turnkey operation with a competitive price. We’ve taken steps to minimize our insurance costs, along with other costs associated with special circumstances, by not providing products to the medical or aircraft industries.

Besides price, other specific advantages that set us apart from our competition include:

Automated Facility

We maintain our facility and install equipment so that we can run a fully lights-out, completely automated operation. We have all the latest tools needed to deliver quick turnaround times and terrific service, such as sprue pickers, material loaders, conveyors, as well as material mixers, dryers, and grinders.

Mold Presses and Other Equipment

Our operation boasts nine mold presses, 120 to 500-ton machines, along with one counter top press for smaller parts. Additionally, our molding machines come with electronic process controls and are capable of handling different types of molds such as hot runner, conventional, or manually operated molds.

Trained Personnel and Quality Systems

To deliver the finest plastic products, we employ highly trained personnel. Our personnel participate in a statistical process control (SPC) system so that we can examine every step of our process and determine the most effective measures. Our staff also possesses extensive experience in various molding operations, including over-molding and insert molding.

Get a Quote for Your Insert Molding Project

Whether it’s implementing a turnkey operation or portions of the production process, Streamline Plastics specializes in a wide range of plastic production opportunities. We’ve provided plastic-based services worldwide, including plastic molding, plastic part design, custom plastic parts and custom plastic molding.

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