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Custom Plastic Parts Provider

At Streamline Plastics, we specialize in all your plastic and plastic manufacturing needs, particularly when it comes to custom plastic parts. We see ourselves as an engaged, invested partner in your project and are eager to contribute our expertise and resources to your success.

Plastic parts can come in all shapes and sizes, and our broad range of services allows us to provide state-of-the-art part design, assembly, and engineering. We not only help with design, from basic napkin sketches to thorough 3D models, but we also provide a full turnkey operation complete with manufacturing, packaging, and shipping options.

Plastic Part Design

Streamline Plastics likes to shoulder whatever portion of your burden we can, as much or as little as you prefer. With our multitude of services, we can provide integral tools and insights into your plastic parts manufacturing goal.

From the start, we can help you translate those undeveloped napkin sketches and basic designs into detailed and actionable 3D models. Our design staff is extremely proficient at SolidWorks, a 3D computer-aided design (CAD) program that generates models. The design team also provides free brainstorming sessions that help analyze the manufacturability of your designs.

Custom-Molded Plastic Parts

After you have reviewed and approved your designs, Streamline Plastics is equipped for a fully automated, lights-out operation. We have the latest equipment in place, like sprue pickers, conveyors, and mold presses. Our equipment is capable of hot runner, conventional, and manually operated molds, and our trained personnel operate under a precise statistical process control system. These enable us to deliver quality products at a reasonable cost.

Packaging and Assembly

Streamline Plastics is proud to provide complete product-fulfillment capability. Through our own capabilities, along with our alliance with various support companies, we can provide a selection of packaging and assembly options that includes hardware, clam-shells packaging, sewing, boxes, and printing. We’re equipped for custom hot stamping, clamshell packaging, as well as fabricating assembly jigs and fixtures.

Get a Quote on Your Custom-Made Plastic Parts

Whether it’s implementing an entire turnkey operation or just a segment of the process, Streamline Plastics is capable of shouldering any or all of your manufacturing challenges. We provide world-class plastic services, including custom plastic parts. We also specialize in plastic part design, plastic molding and custom plastic molding.

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