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Domestic Custom Plastic Molding vs. Foreign

So many custom plastic molding jobs are getting shipped overseas. But what companies often save in labor and production cost is more than compensated for in delays and red tape. Many domestic plastic molding companies see this as an opportunity to win back work. But they’ve learned that the real difference in services they provide can’t just be an inexpensive rate. Domestic manufacturers have to deliver rock-solid value in versatile services and product quality that no foreign plastic company can match.

That’s why Streamline Plastics is one of the top manufacturers of custom plastic parts and molds. We offer a competitive price along with an expert staff ready to contribute to any stage of your project’s development and implementation. Also, our state-of-the-art facility and equipment is specialized for efficient mold-building. For complete turnkey projects or simply a segment of production, Streamline Plastics stands ready to meet all of your custom molding challenges.

Custom Plastic Molds Design

Let us help you fully realize your mold designs. We have SolidWorks, an outstanding software tool that can generate full 3D computer-aided design (CAD) which is also linked to our computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) operation. Let our specialized design team help you develop your basic design, taking it from a sketch on a napkin to a full-blown 3D model, as well as assessing its manufacturability. And with our extensive experience in cost-effective prototype tooling, we can then take those designs and move directly into production.

Custom Molding Production

Once your mold is completed, our facility is a fully automated, lights-out operation. Not only can we build high-production molds, we can also help manufacture your mold’s product. We’re completely equipped with custom plastic molding machinery, including mold presses, counter top presses, and molding machines with electronic process control.

Our trained personnel operate under an extensive statistical process control (SPC) system to guarantee quality during every step of the process. Additionally, we also provide a quick response to mold repair and maintenance.

Get a Quote on Your Custom-Molded Plastics

Whether it’s implementing an entire turnkey operation or just a segment of the process, Streamline Plastics is able to shoulder any and all of your plastic-manufacturing obstacles. We deliver world-class plastic services, including custom plastic molding. We also specialize in plastic part design, plastic molding and custom plastic parts. Contact a Streamline Plastics representative to get a quote on your latest custom-molding project.