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Why Use Plastic Molds?

High-production plastic molds are a cost-efficient means of manufacturing plastic parts. Once a mold is built, depending on its durability and precision, it can be used to produce thousands, even millions, of plastic parts through various means, including insert molding and over-molding.

Plastic molding has become a widespread means of production thanks to its many beneficial factors. Molds yield high production rates, allowing for a quick turnaround of large orders with very little lead time. They also permit design flexibility and are able to process a broad range of materials while keeping labor costs relatively low.

Streamline Plastic’s Mold-Building Expertise

At Streamline Plastics, we’ve been constructing molds and manufacturing plastic parts for over 20 years. In that time, we’ve perfected our process so that we’re ready to meet any and every challenge our clients turn over to us. Whether they need us to take care of one small part of production, or if they want to turn over the entire process to us, we’re the turnkey operation that’s equipped with the skills and machinery you can rely on. We’ve constructed molds and manufactured parts for customers across a wide variety of markets, and we offer a one-stop shop for all your plastic molding needs.

Comprehensive Plastic Mold Manufacturing Service

Every product starts as an idea in your head which usually winds up scribbled down on a napkin or the back of a receipt. Streamline Plastics not only helps you produce the molds you specify. We also contribute to developing your napkin sketches into a fully workable 3D model through our CAD (computer-aided design) software. Using SolidWorks, we’re able to analyze your designs and their manufacturability. Additionally, we also provide free brainstorming sessions with our crack design team to discuss engineering details and address obstacles.

Putting Your Molds to Work

Streamline Plastics specializes in building cost-effective, high-production molds guaranteed to last. We not only provide the molds, however. Our facility is also equipped for fully automated lights-out operation, offering reliable production services and quick responses when your molds require maintenance or repair.

Get a Quote for Your Next Plastic Mold

Streamline Plastics is your source for high-precision, high-production plastic molds. Whether it’s implementing an entire turnkey operation or simply completing a single step in the process, we’re the insert molding company that can take on all your manufacturing burdens. We stand out from all the other plastic molding companies because we provide world-class plastic mold manufacturing you won’t find anywhere else.

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