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Not All Plastic Molding Companies are Created Equal

Streamline Plastics stands out among plastic molding companies. As a clear leader in plastic molding and customized plastic products, we offer high-quality and cost-effective plastic services for businesses across the globe.

Our services extend across the spectrum of the plastic manufacturing process, enabling us to aid in small steps or in whole turnkey operations, depending on our customers’ unique needs and the demands of their product.

From raw concept to mass production, from mold development to assembly and packaging, our cutting-edge tools and world-class staff provide unparalleled service that drives down your assembly and labor costs while simultaneously increasing the rate of your production.

Fully Automated “Lights-Out” Operation

We use the finest equipment to provide the best service to our clients. This includes equipping a facility capable of handling an enormous output with minimal cost. That’s why our facility is capable of fully automated, lights-out operations, allowing us to run high-volume production jobs with short lead times and quick turnaround. This allows us to respond quickly to any necessary mold maintenance or repair.

As a full CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and manufacturing), our operation is integrated through SolidWorks modeling design software. With it we can take your roughest designs or ideas, run them through the development process and create actionable 3D models, and then move directly to constructing molds and producing parts. We even provide assembly and packaging options.

Trained Personnel

Equipment and facilities are important for any manufacturing operation, but they’re only as good as the team that operates them. Our staff of specialists adheres to an SPC (statistical process control) system that maintains our performance levels and guarantees quality service, especially when it comes to creating cost-effective mold prototypes.

Extensive Experience

Our team is equipped and trained to tackle all your mold manufacturing obstacles. They’re experienced in constructing molds for various types of molding, including over molding and insert molding. Their machinery is also capable of hot runner, manually operated or conventional molds.

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Streamline Plastics stands out from all the other plastic molding companies, providing world-class plastic molds. We’re the top choice for high-precision plastic mold manufacturing. Whether it involves implementing an entire turnkey operation or simply completing a single step in your process, we’re the insert molding company that can take on any plastic manufacturing challenge.

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