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Why Use Insert Plastic Molding?

Insert plastic molding, or overmolding, involves placing insert parts (usually made from metal or other suitable materials) into a mold before injecting plastic into the mold cavity. The plastic resin hardens around the inserts, creating a single product. This process was initially developed to place threaded inserts for plastic molding into molded parts.

Insert plastic molding has helped improve several part manufacturers’ product quality, as well as improving order turnaround time. Rather than purchasing the costly equipment and training employees to produce plastic molds and operate the plastic molding machines, most manufacturers instead hire out this work to specialized plastic molding companies.

Contracting with a professional insert plastic molding company like Streamline Plastics produces many benefits, including:

  1. Lowers labor and assembly costs. Complex projects can be turned over to turnkey operations with streamlined processes and the latest equipment, allowing for dramatically reduced labor and assembly costs but resulting in a higher-quality product.
  2. Design flexibility. Plastic insert molding opens up a world of possibilities for designers, allowing for parts that move freely.
  3. Smaller, lighter products. Using plastic inserts instead of fasteners and connectors leads to products that are both smaller and lighter weight.
  4. Increased reliability of products. Components encased in tight, secure plastic will experience less misalignment or other defects.

Streamline Plastics: All-In-One Plastic Molding Company

Streamline Plastics offers a one-stop shop capable of collaborating with you on any or all parts of the production process. Our experts are capable of stepping in at any point and delivering the expertise and insight you need to be successful.

  • Plastic molding design. All products start out as a concept, a sketch on a napkin or a scribbled series of notes. We take your most basic plans and turn them into actionable 3D designs.
  • Plastic-molding production. We run a full CAD (computer-assisted design)/CAM (computer-assisted manufacturing) operation capable of custom plastic molding. We also have experience in cost-efficient prototype tooling and are capable of complete “lights out” automated production.
  • Packaging and assembly. We can prepare your finished insert molded plastic parts and ship them directly to stores.

Get a Quote for Streamline’s Comprehensive Insert Plastic Molding

Streamline Plastics produces insert plastic molding for customers with a wide range of plastic molding needs. Whether you need help with a single step in your plastic injection molding project or the services of a full turnkey operation specializing in custom molded plastics, we’re the plastic parts company that can tackle your manufacturing challenges.

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