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How to bring Your Plastic Products to Life

A plastic parts company specializes in taking your basic design, from the most undeveloped napkin sketch or base concept, and creating a prototype that can then be put into mass production.  But beyond serving as a basic fulfillment service, exceptional plastic manufacturing companies go the extra mile and act as an essential partner in your enterprise, taking on the whole production process or just part of it.

Why Choose Streamline Plastics as Your Plastic Parts Company

There are several plastic-injection molding companies out there to choose from. However, Streamline Plastics provides a one-stop service for all your custom injection molding needs. We want to be that indispensable partner who can provide solutions to your pain-points and take them entirely off your plate. We’re fully equipped and capable of handling whatever obstacles you face.

Plastic Injection Mold Design

Our injection-molding expertise extends across the entire spectrum of operational demands, starting with the basic design of the product. We can take the most rudimentary plans and convert them into a 3D design. Custom plastic molding is a snap when you have access to our:

  • SolidWorks modeling software
  • 3D CAD (computer-assisted design) solid modeling programs
  • Free brainstorming sessions

Plastic Molding Equipment

Streamline Plastics is a highly skilled plastic molding company that is capable of a fully automated “lights out” CAM (computer-assisted manufacturing) operation. We possess the equipment necessary to craft high production plastic injection molds and to mass produce your custom plastic parts. Some of the equipment we use includes:

  • Material mixers
  • Sprue pickers
  • Material loaders
  • Conveyors
  • Grinders
  • Mold presses
  • Countertop press


Custom Molding on Demand

Even the finest equipment in the world will only go so far without highly trained and responsive personnel operating it. To help in the production of custom-made plastic parts, we employ experts in custom plastic injection. These experts:

  • Adhere to an SPC (statistical process) to maintain efficiency
  • Possess extensive experience in overmolding and other insert molding processes
  • Can build high-production molds
  • Provide quick responses to repair and maintenance requests

Get a Quote from Streamline Plastics – The Plastic Parts Company that Does it All!

Streamline Plastics is the plastic parts company that can tackle all your plastic molding challenges. Whether you need insert plastic molding or plastic injection molding, we manufacture the custom molded plastics you need.

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