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Why Turn to Injection Molding Companies for Your Custom Molded Plastics?

Producing custom molded plastics can be costly, particularly when done in-house. Many manufacturers contract out to custom plastic molding companies, entrusting them with either all or simply a portion of the assembly process.

Some businesses go so far as to hire overseas companies. But what they may recover in labor costs is overshadowed by the slow responsiveness of the contracted custom plastics company, as well as costly delays in shipping and delivery.

Thankfully, domestic plastic mold manufacturers have sought to alleviate these challenges by providing streamlined processes, reducing costs while also providing the responsiveness and timeliness that businesses depend on.

Why Streamline Plastics is the Ideal Turnkey Custom Molding Operation

Streamline Plastics provides cost-effective custom injection-molded plastics without sacrificing quality or responsiveness. You can trust us with all or part of a project, from the design phase all the way to packaging and shipping. We are a true turnkey operation with much to offer:

  • Family-owned since 1990
  • Dedicated to reducing cost, delivering on time and offering modernized solutions
  • Lead designer is a registered professional mechanical engineer in Utah
  • Lean operation utilizing a qualified staff and state-of-the-art equipment

Lowering Costs for Custom Plastic Injection Molding

From the start, Streamline offers tremendous value, starting with the design phase. Many custom plastic parts get bogged down during this critical step. Streamline Plastics is eager to contribute during the design phase. We’re capable of taking your very basic napkin sketches and converting them into 3D models to the production of custom plastic molds.

Using the Custom Plastics Industry’s Latest Machinery

Streamline offers a full 3D CAD (computer-assisted design)/CAM (computer-assisted manufacturing) linked to SolidWorks modeling software. We can move seamlessly from mold design to the production of custom-molded plastic parts. Our 40,000-sq. ft. facility is capable of a complete lights-out, fully automated operation.

Delivering Your Custom-Molded Plastic Parts on Schedule

Our highly-experienced personnel follow an SPC (statistical process control) system to maintain the highest standards of performance. Our team is capable of building high-production custom plastic molds and provides quick responses when mold repair and maintenance become necessary. Combined with our efficient equipment, we can complete your job and have it properly packaged and delivered well within schedule.

Get a Quote from Streamline Plastics for Your Custom Plastic Molding

Streamline plastics manufactures the custom molded plastics expected from a leading plastic parts company. We offer plastic injection molding and insert plastic molding tailored to solve your custom plastic mold challenges. Contact a Streamline Plastics representative to receive a quote for your latest molding project.