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Plastic Mold Manufacturing

Before a plastic tool or part can be produced, plastic mold manufacturing is required.

Streamline Plastics has been at the forefront of plastics molding for more than twenty years. We understand every step of the plastic manufacturing process and are eager to help you all along the way, from rough sketch to the fully realized and packaged product. With our expert staff and highly specialized tools and equipment, you can trust us with a portion of your production job or with the entire turn-key operation.

Expert Mold Design

Streamline Plastics is the one-stop plastic molds manufacturer. From start to finish, we can manage the entire plastic mold process, starting with mold design. Our skilled design team is second to none in their ability to convert your most basic napkin sketches into workable 3D models. Armed with SolidWorks, the CAD (computer-aided design) solid modeling software we use, our designers even offer free brainstorming session to evaluate the workability of the proposed designs.

Full CAD/CAM Operation

One advantage Streamline Plastics has is the full CAD/CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) operation at our disposal. With that, we can immediately take your mold designs and put them into operation. We’re experienced in cost-effective prototype tooling and can create high-production molds.

With a full CAD/CAM operation at our fingertips, we are able to provide better communication when adjustments or mold maintenance are necessary. This also allows for faster turnaround, which is further bolstered by our qualified staff of specialists.

Experienced Personnel

Our exceptional staff is capable of taking on as much or as little of your job as you desire. They have an SPC (statistical process control) in place to control efficiency and quality.

A good team also requires the very best tools, which is why we arm our staff with the best equipment that can manage any kind of part, large or small. Our equipment is also capable of fully automated “lights-out” production, meaning that once your custom molds are complete, we can quickly swing into high-volume production, resulting in shorter lead time for large orders.

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Streamline Plastics is your source for high-precision, cost-effective plastic mold manufacturing. Whether it’s implementing an entire turnkey operation or simply completing a single step in the process, we’re the insert molding company that can shoulder all your manufacturing challenges. We stand out from all the other plastic molding companies, providing world-class plastic molds.

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