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Why Choose an Insert Molding Company?

An expert insert molding company benefits several industries, providing a highly efficient and cost-effective alternative when it comes to assembling parts such as couplings, electrical components, and filters.

Streamline Plastics provides insert molding as one of the many in-house plastic services we provide to the world. We are equipped for any plastic molding job, no matter how small or how large, and we’re capable of managing as much of the production process as you need, either taking a portion of the process or providing full turn-key services.

What is Insert Molding?

Insert molding is a process whereby plastic is injected into a mold that contains a pre-placed insert or part. These inserts can include metal stampings, filtration materials, and electromechanical parts. The inserts are carefully place within a custom-made mold, and then molten plastic is injected into the mold. Once the plastic has cooled, the mold is opened and the components are removed, now surrounded by a single molded plastic piece.

Advantages of Insert Plastic Molding

Insert molding has become widely-utilized because of the many advantages it delivers to parts manufacturers. Some of these advantages include:

Lowers cost. Insert molding lowers costs across the board. Both labor and assembly costs can be reduced through an efficient plastic molding process.

Lighter, smaller products. Insert molding eliminates the need for bulky connectors or fasteners, producing products that are lighter and smaller.

Reliability. Tightly secured in plastic, a component experiences fewer problems with wear-and-tear issues such as misalignment or part loosening. The plastic also offers improved resilience to other factors such as vibration or shock.

Flexibility. Insert molding allows for increased design flexibility, creating an opportunity for practically unlimited configurations.

The Molding Plastics Company with More

Streamline Plastics offers a one-stop shop for all your molding, mold-building, and part design, as well as your assembly and engineering needs. We provide help all along the way, from rough concept to finished product.

In the design phase, our specialized team offers CAD (computer-assisted design) opportunities that will turn your raw sketches and ideas into detailed 3D designs. From there, we are fully equipped to create molds and pour the plastic to produce your product.

In the final step, our packaging-and-assembly options enable us to prepare your products to ship directly to store shelves. With us in your corner, you don’t have to go anywhere else to get the job done.

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Whether it’s implementing an entire turnkey operation or just completing a single step in the process, Streamline Plastics is the insert molding company that can shoulder any or all of your manufacturing challenges. We stand out from all the other plastic molding companies, providing world-class plastic services that include plastic molds and plastic mold manufacturing.

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