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Benefits of Plastic Injection Molding

The process of plastic injection molding involves forcing molten plastic into a mold where the plastic then cools and hardens into a predetermined shape. The mold usually remains relatively cold compared to the plastic, allowing the plastic to set quickly and to be removed without a problem.

The plastic injection molding process allows for the creation of large quantities of plastic parts at a low cost and with terrific turnaround time. Other benefits of plastic injection molding include:

  1. Flexibility. A plastic injection mold can produce a wide variety of complex or simple plastic parts.
  2. Versatility. Plastic injection molds makes it possible to create many parts at the same time using the same mold.
  3. Automation. The use of specialized plastic injection mold equipment reduces your labor costs while increasing your production rates.
  4. Recyclable. Unused plastic can simply be melted and reused for future molds, creating practically no waste.

The Drawbacks to Injection Molded Plastic

The only downside of the injection molding process is the expense of the initial purchase of the plastic injection molding equipment, as well as maintenance costs. For that reason, many manufacturers outsource their plastic parts production to plastic injection molding companies.

A plastic injection molding company can take over as little or as much of the product assembly process as you need. Comprehensive-service companies like Streamline Plastics can take your product all the way from the concept and design phase through to production, assembly, packaging and shipping. From start to finish, all your needs are met and your production is overseen by professionals.

Why Chose Streamline Plastics for Your Custom Plastic Injection Molding

Streamline Plastics focuses on running a lean, highly trained staff and utilizing the best machinery in order to provide the level of production and quality you require. We’re fully equipped to run a complete lights-out, automated operation capable of Hot Runner, manually-operated and convention injection molds. Along with our extensive experience in insert molding operations and ovemolding, we also offer:

  • A complete CAD/CAM operation
  • SolidWorks modeling for improved plastic injection mold design
  • Free brainstorming sessions to assess your design’s mold-ability
  • Experience in building high-production molds
  • Quick response when injection mold repair and maintenance is necessary.

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Streamline Plastics offers high-production plastic injection molding and insert plastic molding. We’re the plastic parts company that can handle all your plastic molding challenges and manufacture the custom molded plastics you need.

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