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Plastic Prototyping: The Importance of a Prototype

To a new inventor, plastic prototyping may not seem like the most practical solution for marketing the latest invention. Yet oftentimes, a prototype is exactly what you need to convince people of its worth. A prototype is worthwhile for the following reasons:

  • To prove the product works
  • To gain support
  • To have a physical image of its tangible appearance
  • To present it to others

Without a prototype, it’s much harder to attract investors. Your invention or product may come across as unfeasible or less useful. Investors like to know what they’re getting into, and without that opportunity to study a prototype, they may feel uncertain and be less likely to invest.

A prototype also allows you to be taken more seriously. If you’ve take the time and invested your own resources into creating a prototype, that sends a message of confidence.

Methods of Prototyping

There are several different options available for making a prototype for your customers.

  1. Rough prototypes, which may be the original creation of the owner.
  2. Digital prototypes, which can be used as images for marketing purposes.
  3. Plastic prototype, which are made from a mold, or printed 3D.

Rough prototypes are good for testing stages and discovering what your product will be like, but chances are you will at least need a digital prototype for when you plan to sell your product. Plastic prototypes are the most practical of the three options in terms of marketability. However, finding a company that creates plastic injection molds is necessary to build an acceptable prototype.

Formulating an Acceptable Prototype

Streamline Plastics is a plastic molding company that offers reasonable prices for a high-quality prototype. We have a professional mechanical engineer on staff that is available to help with the design and production process of your prototype. Our staff has experience with building high-production molds, and we can also repair or maintain any current high-production molds that you already have for your product.

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