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Finding the Right Plastics Manufacturer

Whether you need a part for a larger product or a completed plastic product, it’s important to find the right plastic molding company that will offer you quality design and affordable pricing. Anything that you pay for a plastic molding manufacturer to do should be exactly what you need, and you shouldn’t have to settle for a shabby design or exorbitant prices to get exactly what you want.

Streamline Plastics: Premiere Plastic Molding Company

Streamline Plastics is a plastic molding company that competes on an international level. Because most plastic molding is outsourced to places outside of the United States, Streamline Plastics employs few employees and utilizes more mechanical equipment to meet your price expectations. Our facilities contain nine mold presses and one counter top press to produce any product you might think of.

Our services at Streamline Plastics include:

  • Molding
  • Mold building
  • Part design, assembly, and engineering

Simple to Complicated Designs

Our process of producing custom molds at Streamline Plastics allows you as the client to have optimal say in what your product should look like and how it should work.

  1. We start out with a free brainstorming session where we test out your ideas and whether they are something that we can produce on our machines.
  2. We then discuss your project specifications, including quantities, and we determine a price.
  3. Your product or part is designed on a solid modeling program that gives us a three-dimensional CAD that we can then program our presses to produce.
  4. Your product is manufactured and packaged, ready to distribute.

Whether you bring us a full-fledged product model or a basic drawing on a piece of scratch paper, we can take your product to the next level of production. We have a professional mechanical engineer on staff to assist in the design process and to insure that your product will meet professional standards.

Enlist the Leading Plastic Mold Company: Contact Us Today for a Free Quote

Our plastic molding company has the perfect blend of international competition and customization that will bring you the product you need most. If you require custom molded plastic parts or plastic prototyping, we can help you in the design and production of these parts. Allow us to be your custom plastic mold manufacturer and contact us today for a free quote.