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What to Look for in Plastic Injection Molding Companies

Searching for the right molding company to make your plastic injected parts can take time and careful consideration. As plastic injection molding companies compete for attention from customers, there are specific qualities that will set the best apart. Here are some of the most important qualities to look for.


Plastic injection molding can utilize many types of polymers to create the right texture and style for any plastic part. Plastic molders work with customers to create the right combination of plastics for a part’s use, making the plastic as original as the part it’s put into.

Some injection molding companies only offer certain polymers, which can limit the types of parts they are able to produce. Choosing a company that uses a wide array of plastics will provide more options for the quality and manipulability of a product, and will give more control over the look and feel of the final part.

Correct Equipment

As much as the feel of the product matters to the aesthetics of a product, the shape, style, and effectiveness matters even more.

A plastic injection molding machine in different sizes can handle different parts. For example, a plastic panel for a car door will need a much larger press to create the piece than what would be required for the handle on a screw driver.

Some custom injection molding companies are able to fit special molds into their injection molding machines to create the best fit for every part. Discovering if a plastic injection molding company has the correct size machine—or a large number of presses that can handle different projects—could be a key selling point.

Qualified Employees

Just because a company has the right equipment doesn’t always mean it has qualified employees to operate that equipment. The plastic injection molding process is complicated, involving numerous steps from creation of a mold to the eventual assembly of a product. If just one of those steps is not performed perfectly a plastic part may not be functional.

Look for companies that have certified employees—and careful training for those who aren’t certified—to ensure that their injection molding is quality checked.

Quality Customer Service

Even if a customer prefers a hands-off approach to the molding process, it is important to choose a plastic injection molding company that provides quality customer service. Finding a company that provides perfect plastics, customized molding, and shipping options will make the entire experience more enjoyable.

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