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The Value of a Custom Plastic Mold

Custom plastic molds can become invaluable investments down the road for businesses that may just be getting started, or for inventors trying to earn a patent. With a plastic mold, the potential for mass production is much greater than working with a more rudimentary prototype. Plastic molds can be made to very precise specifications, which is why they are in such high demand. Finding a company that can oversee the creation and eventual modification of a custom plastic mold is an important step in bringing your designs to market.

How Plastic Molds Are Made

While plastic molds are an important part of the world industry, very few people outside of the industry understand how specialized the process can be to create custom molded plastics. There are two main methods of plastic molding within the industry:

  • Injection Plastic Molding – Plastic is heated and injected into a mold. There are many different kinds of injection molding, which can depend on what kind of polymer is being used.
  • Blow Molding – Plastic is injected into a mold, but then air is blown into the mold to create a hollow shell. Blow molding is mostly used for jars and bottles. Because of the cost-efficiency of plastic and the blow-molding process, plastic has mostly replaced glass in the packaging industry.

Finding the Right Custom Plastic Molding Service

There are several factors that go into choosing a company for plastic mold making. Cost and efficiency are extremely important, especially for those who may just be starting out. Expertise is also necessary because of the technical nature of many custom molds.

Streamline Plastics is a turn-key plastic molding company that can help you in the production of whatever custom mold your business requires. Streamline staffs a professional mechanical engineer who can help with the design your custom mold. It doesn’t matter how rudimentary your idea might be, the Streamline staff is prepared to help make your idea a reality.

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Streamline Plastics can help facilitate the creation of custom plastic molds from any kind of design. With one of our free brainstorming sessions, you can see for yourself what Streamline companies can do for you.

Although there are many plastic injection molding companies that can create molds, Streamline Plastics can direct the production of high-quality production plastic that lasts longer and performs better than other molds. Streamline performs custom injection molding for any project, no matter the size or scope. Call today to schedule a free brainstorm session at 801-782-3660.