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SP4In order to better understand the need for plastic bottle labeling in manufacturing, it’s first important to understand product labeling in general. A product label is a piece of paper, polymer, cloth, metal, or other material attached to a container or product to provide information about the product. A product labeling company puts labels on bottles and other such containers for any of the following reasons:

  • Identification. The most basic reason for product labeling is to show consumers what the product is and what’s in it. Identification is essential for all products.
  • Warning. Many labels contain warnings about ingredients in the product that may be hazardous if consumed. Other warnings may tell you to keep the product out of a child’s reach. Every warning label is used to ensure your safety.
  • Instructions for use. More in-depth labels will contain step-by-step instructions on how to use the product to get the best results.
  • Environmental advice. Fortunately, many companies that produce products needing labels manufacture these products out of recyclable material. Since these companies want to be environmentally friendly, they put labels on their products that say the material is recyclable, which encourages you to recycle.
  • Advertising. Product labeling is one of the best ways to advertise your specific brand and company. When people see your company’s logo and name on your product, they will immediately identify it as yours, which is essential if you want to create brand awareness.

Product labels may be in the form of stickers, permanent labels, temporary labels, printed packaging, and more. An exceptional labeling company will offer custom product labeling for clients that have labels they’ve designed themselves but don’t have the bottle labeling machine they need to create and place the labels.

Custom labeling is a great way to go if you want your products’ labels to stand out from your competitors’ labels. Overall, the purpose of labeling is to show consumers what your product is and what your brand is. Product labeling also guarantees that consumers will have access to complete information on each of your products’ content and composition.

Why Label Plastic and Glass Bottles?SP5

With a better understanding of product labeling and its overall purpose, it’s easier to understand why plastic bottle labeling and glass bottle labeling in particular are so important. In fact, you can even find a plastic bottle labeling company or a glass bottle labeling company to help you with labeling because the plastic and glass bottle industry is so huge.

Just how huge, you might ask? Americans use 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour. The glass container industry is worth 5.5 billion dollars, and on average, every family uses 330 glass bottles and jars every year. No wonder there’s such a high need for custom bottle labeling.

But why is it so critical that plastic (or glass) bottle businesses recruit the help of a plastic bottle labeling company? Why put so much effort into bottle labeling? The following reasons will show you:

  • Creates brand awareness. Perhaps one of the most important reasons for labeling plastic bottles is that it creates brand awareness. Brand awareness is the immediate recognition someone experiences when he sees your company logo and name. Since your company’s logo and name should be on the label, you’re helping spread that recognition. The more well known your brand is, the more people will buy it.
  • Ensures safety by informing consumers of ingredients, contents. Another reason it’s critical to invest in labeling for plastic bottles is that consumers need to be aware of what’s in your product. By listing ingredients on the label, you’re ensuring consumers are well aware of what your product is made of and whether there are any ingredients that may be harmful to them.
  • Helps catch the attention of consumers. If you really want your bottle to stand out among its competitors, you most definitely need not just bottle labeling, but custom bottle labeling. Custom labeling for glass bottles or custom plastic bottle labeling helps if you want a unique logo that will catch consumers’ attention (in a good way) and get them to buy your product.  


How Do You Create an Effective Bottle Label?SP6

With that said, how do you design a custom bottle label that’s going to attract attention and stand out from other bottle labels? Before you start designing, make sure you know of a custom bottle labeling company that can create and place your design. Once you’ve found a company, follow these directions to design an effective, eye-catching label:

  1. Make a list of the information you want on the label. You should include your company name, logo, product name, description, ingredients, and possibly a tag line.
  2. Make sure the company name/product name is easily identifiable. Don’t let the most important words on the label be unnoticeable or hard to spot.
  3. Decide on the colors for the label. Take into account the color of the container and product. Do some competitive research and analysis in local stores and use online tools that can help you decide on the right colors.
  4. Carefully consider what font you should use. Choose a font that captures the personality of your product while still being legible and easy on the eyes.
  5. Look into label materials and decide which material is best for your bottle. Common label materials are white, clear, cream, gold, and silver foil. Remember that your design ultimately needs to work well your label material.
  6. Consider whether an image will add or take away from the design. Professional drawings or photographs can draw attention to your product.
  7. Decide whether you prefer bleed or no bleed. “Bleed” means the artwork flows off the label edges, and “no bleed” means there will be a border around the artwork.
  8. Research what label size and shape will go best with your logo and name. The label size largely depends on how long your company name is, the amount of information you’re putting on the label, and how big the bottle is. Remember that you can also use multiple labels for the front and back of the bottle.
  9. Make sure a matte or glossy finish is added to your label. A matte finish will give your label a classic, refined look, while a gloss finish will emphasize the colors and create a shiny, reflective quality to the label.
  10. Don’t forget to make your contact information visible. Visible contact information will encourage communication with customers and allow them to give you feedback.

While it may take some time to design a label that’s both attractive and functional, it is a worthy investment. If you have plastic or glass bottles with have bold, refined labels, your competitors won’t stand a chance.

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