Streamline Plastics Logo, Utah

Streamline Blow Molding is the result of expansion in Streamline’s plastic production capabilities. The owner’s baseline experience is with injection molding, and the challenge of expanding into blow mold processing was met with enthusiasm and willingness. Streamline has quickly grown comfortable with blow mold processing, and has since proven their competence.

What we’ve done

Since Streamline Blow Molding’s inception in 2007, they have focused on large, bottom blow products and have found a niche in 4–20 liter bottles. By demonstrating the fastest turn around time in the market, Streamline’s customer base has quickly increased. Dedicated to larger bottle fabrication, Strealmine employees are expert in processing and inline testing. Their consistent products have given them a reputation for quality.

How we do it

Streamline Blowmolding is a family-run business with low overhead. We understand lean manufacturing and demand performance from our vendors, employees, and machinery. By constantly striving to improve in all areas, we are able to compete with large companies. Streamline Blowmolding is an aggressive company that works hard to earn business.

Streamline’s customers enjoy the customer service they receive, and have great confidence in Streamline’s ability to create quality products. Streamline is proud of their accomplishments, and they look forward to future business plans and partnerships.